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Global Nutrition Initiative (IIPAN)

      A Global Nutritional Surveillance Program

In collaboration with International Society of Pediatric Oncology (SIOP), Association de Hemato-Oncologia Pediatrica de Centro America (AHOPCA), and participants in the Cure4Kids, Dr. Ladas completed the first international survey of nutrition practice in LMICs.  This survey found that there is a strong need to improve resources, collaborations, and clinician education to improve the delivery of nutritional therapy to children undergoing treatment for cancer in LMIC.  Priorities for improving the nutritional management in LMIC include: 1) Improving nutrition education and assessment tools for doctors and nurses; 2) Increasing the availability of nutrition education resources for families and patients; and 3) Identifying the role of complementary and alternative therapies in closing gaps in symptom management.


International Initiative for Pediatrics and Nutrition (IIPAN)

In 2017, Dr. Ladas and colleagues established a global nutrition surveillance program, which introduces an international clinical model and research network to advance nutritional science and improve outcomes among children and adolescents undergoing treatment for cancer in low- and middle-income countries. In collaboration with clinicians and investigators from Brazil, Central America (Guatemala and Nicaragua) India), and South Africa, this initiative aims to improve institutional capacity in pediatric cancer units (PCUs) thereby transforming the quality and impact of care provided to children and adolescent patient population. The initiative is introduced as International Initiative for Pediatrics and Nutrition at Columbia University Medical Center (IIPAN @ CUMC). 



IIPAN is home to a pioneering nutritional research and clinical care initiative in pediatric cancer units located in low- and middle-income countries (LMICs). We lead a collaborative network to revolutionize the role of nutritional care for children with cancer around the globe. Our aim is to meet the nutritional needs of children of all backgrounds, by focusing on developing validated monitoring tools, standardizing nutritional assessments, and implementing evidence-driven nutritional interventions. We do this with the overriding objective of bringing scientific understanding to the impact of nutrition in the treatment and care of children in at-risk populations while training health care professionals in the newest nutrient-based approaches.